How to improve your website right now


There are some really simple things you can do to give your website an immediate boost.

Here are 7 areas where you can improve your website right now:


Too many colours and patterns will distract the viewer. Ensure that people are able to focus on what you want them to focus on – what your business offers.


Photos taken in poor light or with poor composition will detract from your website. Invest in the services of a professional photographer – it will be well worth it. Having multiple images over 300kb will slow your website down, so make sure they are the right resolution for optimum load time.


Spell check! Spell check! Spell check! It is amazing how many sites are let down because the copy has not been proofed. Ask your workmates – even your friends and family – to comb over the site for you.

Contact details

Make sure these are clear to read and accessible on every page of your website. If your phone number or contact email address change, update your website the same day.

Social media

Copy the url of each page on your website and paste into Facebook to see how it appears when others share it. If there’s no image or the copy isn’t quite right, ask your web designer to fix it!


Check your page links to make sure they are all up-to-date, especially any outbound links to other websites.


Including a positive review will do wonders for your business. Ask a customer/client if they’d be happy to write one and publish it ASAP.