How many Australians are using social media and which networks are they on?


The Sensis Social Media Report is now in it’s 6th year, and reveals some interesting insights into social networks and use among Australians aged 18 and over. 

Over 12.7 million adults are on social networks in Australia

69% have an social network account, which means there are over 12.7 million adults using social networks and paying attention to social media. The most popular by far is Facebook, with 95% (or more than 12 million) using this social network. And they are using it a lot, spending on average four more hours per week then at the same time last year. Twitter users have almost tripled the amount of time they spend on the network, with the average user now visiting the network 35 times per week (up from 12.35 in 2015), which is the highest frequency of any social network.

The most popular network after Facebook is Instagram

The second most popular network in Australia after Facebook is Instagram with 31% using it, unless you’re in NSW, where it’s LinkedIn, or in WA, where Snapchat just pips Instagram by 2 points. There is no doubt that Instagram is growing and this is expected to continue (well done Facebook for purchasing it in 2012).

After Facebook, the most popular network among users aged 18–29, is Snapchat (60% users), for those aged 30–39 it is Instagram (36%), and for those aged 40 and over, LinkedIn comes in at #2.

 What does this mean for business?

There is huge potential in Social. Fortunately more business are waking up to this, with 48% small-to-medium business utilising social media and 79% large businesses doing the same. This is up from 31% and 56% in 2015 respectively, and the majority plan to engage more on social media in the coming year.

Significantly, 41% social media users said they would look at the social media profiles of a business prior to making a purchase from that business’ website (if they had not made a previous purchase). Over half are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively with customers, and the content is relevant and updated regularly.

Those businesses without a plan to engage with customers via social media are missing out on an enormous opportunity to expand their customer base.

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics / Sensis Social Media Report 2015, 2016