How to manage multiple social network accounts easily


If you are constantly switching between windows/apps to manage your social accounts, then chances are you are not managing your social media as effectively as possible. Using a social media management tool can streamline this process and enable you to be more productive with your time. There are also many other benefits to having all of your accounts accessible through a single portal.

I use Hootsuite, a social media dashboard where in a single browser window, you can view all of your accounts (or those you manage on the behalf of others), and various streams within those accounts such as re-tweets/likes/shares/mentions and more.

The thing I like most is the scheduling tool within the Publisher section. In list view (see below), you can view all of your scheduled posts for all of your accounts, and you can also change the view so that you can see everything you have scheduled for any one account at a glance.

The real benefit of this is that it makes it very easy to share content across all your accounts, with just the right tweaking for each network of course – never auto-post from Facebook to Twitter! This is great in helping to balance the number of posts/tweets and choosing the best time to publish your content. That’s pretty hard to do if you’re continually switching between social accounts, and if you’re using a spreadsheet to organise content – you can stop all that copying & pasting (now!) with a social media management tool.

If you’re working with a team, you can establish protocols for approving posts, and you can also save drafts when you have ideas that are not quite ready to go out yet. And if you’re stuck for content, there is a feature that will provide you with suggestions, all ready for you to schedule.

There are many other features, including analytics and campaigns (want to run a photo contest?), and there is also a mobile app so that you can review scheduled content on the go, as well as post/re-tweet/like/share etc from directly within the app.

What’s not to like? If you want to manage your social networking more effectively, then there are tools available to help you do just that.

I am logging into Hootsuite right now to schedule the sharing of this blog post!