Is your website like a grumpy sales person?


We’ve all had that unsatisfactory experience – a grumpy sales person that makes you wonder why you’d ever spend your money with them again. In your own business, you know how important your team is in making sure your customers are looked after and get what they need (and more). Satisfied customers will return to do more business with you, AND they will recommend you to others.

Applying the same customer service standard to your website, how do you think it stacks up?

While you’re pondering that, let’s list some of the attributes of a great sales person:

  • Friendly, easy to talk to
  • Treats you with respect
  • Is happy to answer any question you may have
  • Doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of unnecessary information
  • Doesn’t push you to make a purchase
  • Offers great advice
  • Makes you feel that your business is important to them
  • You leave wanting to tell others what a great experience you had

On the other hand, you know that a grumpy sales person can damage your business. And so can a bad website.

And while even the best sales people may have an off-day, a bad website is there for everyone to see, every second, of every day.

A bad website is there for everyone to see, every second, of every day.

The latest statistics show that that there are now 3.5 billion internet users worldwide. By turning your website into a great sales person, you can make it one of your best business assets. There are billions of reasons why you should do it. It doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need to put the needs and wants of your customers first.

Your website visitors want it to be easy to do business with you. And they can’t do that with a grumpy sales person.